Linea Quattro launches a new exclusive partnership with Italian brand Oldline!


 Oldline founded in 1977 in Mareno di Piave, in the province of Treviso. The first years mainly produces rustic kitchen furniture, but the recognition it held in the coming years, its products have evolved to cover more styles, while maintaining traditional techniques and the use of solid materials.

All  Oldline products stand out, and are made of solid wood including all components such as frame, the doors, interior shelves and  connection elements. The drawers are made with a special way where the sides fastening with  wedges between them, maintaining the traditional technique and giving a unique finish and aesthetic appeal

The Oldline combines the ultimate in ergonomics with no concession on quality.Using solid wood for all parts of the kitchen manages to create a natural, warm and ecological environment in perfect harmony with the style of your own room!